A dependency on substances involves more than a simple reliance on alcohol or drugs. It commonly comes from many issues, some of which may have never been tackled before. It is important, therefore, to follow detoxification with a healing process that has been planned on an individual basis. Group and one-to-one therapy sessions are used to discover the underlying issues. Group therapy is recognized as beneficial as it gives a recovering addict a place to share experiences, understand that he or she is not alone in their battle, and they can learn how others overcome their difficulties.

It is important to understand what triggers their particular issues, and then learn coping strategies that can be used throughout life. It is important to share motivation and to gain an idea of self worth. Help with anxiety, low self-esteem and underlying medical issues should also be part of the this stage. Ways to begin and maintain healthy relationships will be addressed, and how to avoid situations that will hinder recovery. Rehab is working through the different issues that led to addiction, and building a set of tools to avoid relapse. 

This stage of the process will be monitored continuously and altered to suit the needs of the individual. It is a valuable part of recovery and should offer hope for the future.